Innowayt is a B2B travel platform

For Agents, DMCs, Suppliers and Tour Operators

Innowayt is simplifying the lives of travel agents across the world with its innovative, revolutionary platform. Become more efficient, productive and work seamlessly at the most affordable prices in the travel industry.

For the DMCs and suppliers, get an easy to use booking software which enables one to enter all contracts, rates for different markets, content and everything else which increases your productivity multifold. Get ready access to a huge travel agents network, which was not accessible earlier.

Make your business productive & profitable

Get the best booking, operating and management software for tours, activities and Destination Management Companies at low cost, which also helps you grow your business.


Secure and Reliable

Innowayt runs on the same infrastructure trusted by Lyft, Comcast, Airbnb and Netflix and millions of others.


Support, Help and Feedback

Our support team would ensure that you are guided and always there to assist when required.


Coupons and Referrals

Get enticing offers through coupons and get rewarded for your referrals.


User Management

Keep an eye on staff without micro-managing. Control what your users can see and do using detailed permission levels.


Seamless transactions

Whether you are a travel supplier or a travel agent, do seamless transactions on the Innowayt platform.



Innowayt system is designed for flexibility. If you have any questions about something not mentioned here, feel free to get in touch.

How it works

Innowayt through its platform enables suppliers and agents to do seamless transactions resulting in huge saving in time, effort and money.

Suppliers never had this easy! No more canvasing and on boarding of new travel agents, no constant replies to agents for re-quotes and amendments. Suppliers would be able to enter their contracts, content, pricing, mark ups, currencies for various markets and the same would be accessible to the travel agents across the globe. Suppliers need not quote continually or work on amendments as the travel agents would be able to create, amend and re-quote to their clients without any hassles or delay. Once the client confirms, the confirmation request would be in the suppliers queue for confirmation.

For the travel agents, get reliable suppliers from across the world, with their best rates and content readily available. So, no more logging into various systems, comparing, preparing a quote in word processor- you get all this in the Innowayt system. Easily quote, amend as per customer requirements, instantly. Get the confirmations from the suppliers as well as make remittances from Innowayt without any hassles to over 55+ countries sitting in your office. Get prices which are at par with large tour operators and OTA’s and on a single platform.



Current Challenges

  • Too many disparate & disconnected systems
  • Too much time and efforts spent
  • Several Intermediaries resulting in high cost
  • Money stuck in banks with aggregators guarantees or deposits
  • Unsure of suppliers being dependable

Get Benefits on Innowayt

  • Cost saving
  • A web based SaaS platform
  • Ready Content to Quote
  • Flexibility to Customize
  • Faster Conversion
  • Options to Compare cost with multiple suppliers
  • Easy Dashboard to bifurcate & keep track of transaction Status


Current Challenges

  • Very high cost of agent aquisition
  • High Churn
  • Too much time on quotation and Emails
  • Limited access to present products

Get Benefits on Innowayt

  • Cost saving
  • A web based SaaS platform
  • Faster Conversion
  • Easy Distribution and ready content
  • Dashboard to track and act on transactions
  • Get bookings while you sleep

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