Innowayt is a Market-Place.

Innowayt through its platform enables suppliers and
agents to do seamless transactions resulting in huge
saving in time, effort and money.

For DMC’s on Innowayt, access to a large travel agents network

We are targeting to register 3 DMCs from Each Country, so from your destination the platform will only let best offers to travel agencies through 3 competitors. From about 110 countries we will have and 330 DMCs in our platform. Your tariffs will be exposed to only B2B/ TRAVEL AGENCIES only. We will not be giving access to any direct customer.

Country-wise DMCs registered till date for Phase 1 Onboarding :
Africa Asia America Europe
Ghana Israe Bangladesh US Virgin Islands Croatia France
South Africa Jordan Bhutan Canada Czech Republic Iceland
Swaziland Kuwait India USA Greece Ireland
Mauritius Qatar Iran Cuba Hungary Italy
Tanzania Saudi Arabia Maldives Haiti Latvia Oceania
Zimbabwe Turkey Nepal Jamaica Poland Fiji
Egypt United Arab Emirates Sri Lanka Mexico Russian Samoa
Morocco Vietnam Cambodia Panama Netherlands Australia
Tunisia Myanmar Indonesia Argentina Norway New Zealand
Cameroon Thailand Laos Brazil Portugal Solomon Islands
Chad Kazakhstan Malaysia Chile Spain Tonga
Congo China Philippines Colombia Sweden New Caledonia
Mali China, Hong Kong Singapore Venezuela Switzerland
China, Macao Taiwan Peru United Kingdom
Japan Yemen

Registred Count Wise Colours

3 1-2 0